Conférence GRIN 2013 à Nice

Le GRIN (General practice Research on Infection Network, initialement General Practice Respiratory Infection Network), créé en 1999, est un réseau européen de médecins effectuant des travaux de recherche en Soins Primaires, en particulier dans le domaine des infections respiratoires ou des autres infections.

Les pays représentés sont : l’Allemagne, la Belgique, le Danemark, l’Espagne, la Finlande, la Norvège, les Pays Bas, la Pologne, la Suède, le Royaume Uni, la France...

Les objectifs de ce réseau sont de promouvoir tous les axes de la recherche en soins primaires : présentation de travaux, échanges entre chercheurs, élaboration de projets en commun et communication plus large des résultats les plus importants.

Les médecins généralistes enseignants impliqués dans le GEPIE sont également participants au réseau GRIN ou aux projets européens développés avec ce réseau : par exemple le projet GRACE

Vous pouvez trouver ci-dessous le programme scientifique de la 15ème conférence annuelle GRIN, qui a eu lieu cette année à Nice les 4 et 5 Octobre 2013
Wood FionaUK04/10/2013 13h40 - 13h5515A01 Why do patients consult for acute coughs in primary care? a European qualitative study
Thornton HannahUK04/10/2013 13h55 - 14h1015A02 Associations between clinical presentation and upper respiratory tract microbes: a systematic review of respiratory tract infections in children
de Bont EefjeNL04/10/2013 14h10 - 14h25A03 Childhood fever: what do parents know, do and want? an internet-based survey
Hay AlastairUK04/10/2013 14h25 - 14h4015A04 A prognostic algorithm to predict hospitalisation among children presenting to primary care with acute cough and RTI: preliminary results from the TARGET prospective cohort study
Dunais BrigitteFR04/10/2013 14h40 - 14h5515A05 Influence of a 13-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine on nasopharyngeal carriage of Streptococcus pneumoniae in French day-care centres:
Hedin KatarinaSE04/10/2013 14h55 - 15h1015A06 Aetiology of sore throat in young adults attending Primary Health Care
André Malin SE04/10/2013 15h10 - 15h2515A07 Sore throat in Swedish Primary Health Care-GP´s actions and difficulties OR GPs views
Cals JochenNL04/10/2013 15h55 - 16h1015A08 Point of care tests for infections in primary care: which tests do GPs use and want?
Teepe Jolien NL04/10/2013 16h10 - 16h2515A09 Detecting bacterial infection in adults with acute cough
Kung KennyHong Kong04/10/2013 16h25 - 16h4015A10 Wound Appearance as a Predictor for Wound Complications
Pickles TimUK04/10/2013 16h40 - 16h5515A11 Presentation, Management and Outcomes of preschool children with UTI presenting in UK primary care
Harman Kim UK04/10/2013 16h55 - 17h1015A12 Diagnosis if Urinary Tract Infection in the Young - the process of making a prediction rule
Llor CarlCAT04/10/2013 17h10 - 17h2515A13 Phase-contrast microscopy is suboptimal for diagnosing urinary tract infections in primary care
Vellinga AkkeIE04/10/2013 17h25 - 17h4515 A14 Supporting the Improvement and Management of Prescribing for UTIs The SIMPle study
Adriaenssens NielsBE04/10/2013 13h40 - 13h5515B01 Assessment of antibiotic prescribing quality in primary care in six countries using disease-specific quality indicators
Chlabicz Slawomir PL04/10/2013 13h55 - 14h1015B02 Quality indicators of antibiotic prescribing in a primary care center in Poland
Coenen SamuelBE04/10/2013 14h10 - 14h2515B03 Appropriateness of the defined daily dose to assess outpatient antibiotic use over time: jointly modelling different measures of outpatient antibiotic use in Europe (2000 - 2008)
Cordoba GloriaDK04/10/2013 14h25 - 14h4015B04 Variation and effect of prescribing style: A cross-sectional study of patients with a sore throat across six countries
Eliassen Knut EirikNO04/10/2013 14h40 - 14h5515B05 Norwegian national guidelines for antibiotic use in primary care
Gjelstad SveinNO04/10/2013 14h55 - 15h1015B06 Improving antibiotic prescribing in acute respiratory tract infections: Cluster randomised trial from Norwegian general practice (prescription peer academic detailing (Rx-PAD) study)
Francis NickUK04/10/2013 15h10 - 15h2515B07 Prescribing of Flucloxacillin for Skin and Soft-Tissue Infections in UK General Practice: An Analysis of Routinely Collected Data from 2002-2011
Khoury PaulineFR04/10/2013 15h55 - 16h1015"B08 French students (15 - 18) views of antibiotics and vaccinations
Godycki-Cwirko MaciejPL04/10/2013 16h10 - 16h2515B09 Is patients’ perception of antibiotics for respiratory symptoms inrural settingdifferent from urban? –Preliminary results of andomized survey
Plejdrup Hansen MaleneDK04/10/2013 16h25 - 16h4015B10 Antibiotic prescribing for respiratory tract infections: A qualitative study of Danish GPs’ views and experiences
Risør Mette Bech NO04/10/2013 16h40 - 16h5515B11 Primary care management of acute exacerbations in patients with COPD FG
Salwan Al-AniNO04/10/2013 16h55 - 17h1015B12 Predictors for treatment with antibiotics and systemic corticosteroids in acute exacerbations of COPD and asthma in general practice (PEXACO study)
Van der Velden AlikeNL04/10/2013 17h10 - 17h2515B13 Inappropriate antibiotic prescription for respiratory tract infections: most prominent in adult patients
Little PaulUK05/10/2013 08h35 - 08h5015C01Observational cohort of antibiotic prescribing strategies in routine practice for the complications of acute sore throat
Cannings-John RebeccaUK05/10/2013 08h50 - 09h0515C02 The benefits of using linked primary and secondary care data in examining the protective effect of antibiotics in complications in acute RTIs
Gillespie DavidUK05/10/2013 09h05 - 09h2015C03 Determining the Efficacy of Amoxicillin for Acute Uncomplicated Lower-Respiratory-Tract Infection in Primary Care
Little PaulUK05/10/2013 09h20 - 09h3515C04 A Pragmatic trial of delayed antibiotic prescribing strategies for Respiratory Tract Infections in Primary Care
Teepe Jolien NL05/10/2013 09h35 - 09h5015C05 Disease course of pneumonia in primary care
Mc Nulty CliodnaUK05/10/2013 10h20 - 11h0040C06 The publics views on antibiotics and their use TBC
Van Erp NicoleNL05/10/2013 11h00 - 11h1515C07 Influence of lung function on course of disease and response to antibiotic therapy in adult primary care patients with acute cough
Lindbaek MortenNO05/10/2013 11h15 - 11h3015C08 Detection of Mycoplasma pneumoniae leads to overprescription of antibiotics in Norwegian general practice.
Little PaulUK05/10/2013 11h45 - 12h0015C09 A Pragmatic Randomised Factorial Trial of Ibuprofen, Paracetamol, and Steam for Patients with Respiratory Tract Infections in Primary Care
Wang KayUK05/10/2013 12h00 - 12h1515C10 Montelukast for adults with post-infectious cough (Mac): A double-blind randomized placebo-controlled trial
Vik IngvildNO05/10/2013 12h15 - 12h3015C11 Ibuprofen versus mecillinam in the treatment of uncomplicated cystitis in adult, non-pregnant women.